OrbitShift raises $7 million in seed funding to build an AI-native sales operating system for enterprise customers

20th June 2024: OrbitShift, an AI-native sales operating system that accelerates enterprise sales motions, has announced $7 million in seed funding led by Peak XV’s Surge and Stellaris Venture Partners. Launched a year ago and having already witnessed significant customer traction, OrbitShift plans to leverage the funding to expand its customer base and continue building for its customers.

OrbitShift’s platform empowers the entire sales ecosystem including sales, pre-sales, sales operations, and marketing teams with account insights/actions, RFP/RFI response generation, key account planning, and targeted pitch content generation, comprehensively driving a coordinated GTM motion. With a unique approach of leveraging purpose-built models and LLMs, OrbitShift has quickly gained traction in the market as a one-stop platform for the sales ecosystem of multi-billion dollar enterprise technology and IT services companies.

Saurabh Mishra, Co-founder, and CEO, said, “OrbitShift is an outcome of my deeply felt need for consultative sales organisations, shaped by two decades of experience working closely with global technology industry leaders in the enterprise sales ecosystem. We are addressing the challenges faced by consultative enterprise sales & marketing teams dealing with a glut of data, research reports, and disparate tools that don’t suit their sales motions. Our AI-first, domain-centric approach has already empowered over 10 global companies, significantly enhancing their sales and marketing engine. This investment will fuel our mission by expanding our product footprint and geographical reach.”

OrbitShift’s suite of products includes accountOS, rfpOS, and pitchOS, which caters to the full sales lifecycle. Their users are large enterprise customers that have users based in the US, EU, and APAC.

OrbitShift has reduced research and sales planning time by 40-50%, accelerating activities such as client outreach, creating high-quality RFI/RFP responses, and building impactful content for client meetings. This has led to higher productivity and improved client relationships at scale.

Alok Goyal, Partner at Stellaris Venture Partners said “We expect AI to transform all business functions. However, some functions, like enterprise sales, require more judgement and are therefore harder to tackle with AI. Enterprise sales involve selling holistic solutions – a mix of products and services – with long sales cycles and multiple stakeholders. This complexity presents an opportunity to build a generational AI-native software business, and we believe OrbitShift is poised to do just that. In the founding team, we found the rare combination of domain expertise and product-building capabilities crucial for building this business. We’ve known the team since they started and are impressed with the speed and quality of execution, reflected in their scale and customer quality. We are thrilled to partner with them, and excited about the journey ahead.”

About OrbitShift

OrbitShift is an AI-native sales operating system to empower consultative enterprise sales & marketing teams throughout the sales lifecycle (e.g., account insights, RFP/RFI responses, actionable recommendations, account planning, pitch content). To know more, please visit: